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24-volt system – Economy truck with 3-wheel drive configuration and rear wheel drive. Variable wheel base

The 24V electric forklift range delivers a high level of productivity with a winning combination of performance, manoeuvrability and long battery shift life at very economical running costs.

Offering excellent reliability, durability and build quality, the 24V electric fork truck incorporates an SEM (separately excited motor) control system, automatic braking and 500 hour service intervals as standard. Efficiency is further enhanced by the clear battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt facility and diagnostics control.

Drivers benefit from the exceptional comfort of the semi-suspension seat, carefully positioned controls and clear instrumentation within the ergonomically designed operator compartment.


  • Excellent manoeuvrability and performance
  • Light Compact and efficient
  • Highly adaptable – variable wheel base
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Superior operator environment
  • Uncompromising dependability
  • Powerful & energy efficient
  • 1000, 1200 and 1500Kg Capacity Bands

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